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Any Good Interval/Time Lapse Apps for iOS?

Discussion in 'Smartphone photography' started by eastshore4, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. eastshore4

    eastshore4 New Member


    I am trying tofind a reliable iOS app for taking full-resolution interval photos.There are a lot of time lapse apps, but all of them seem to want toforce you to assemble the video in the app, or only export stills ata lower size or resolution. A few interval apps I used in the pastthat had this option are now either obsolete (Triggertrap 1.0) oroutright broken (Time Lapse by xyster.net).

    Forclarification: I want an app with full-resolution image capabilitybecause I prefer to first edit the photos in Lightroom, then assemblethe time lapse video myself on my computer. Currently, I am usingSlow Shutter’s interval feature; it works pretty well, but itdoesn’t automatically adjust the exposure, which means that asunset time lapse will just slowly fade to black instead of adjustingto the darkening scenery.

    Any suggestionswould be greatly appreciated!

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