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After a lifetime dream, I'm in photography. What's next?

Discussion in 'Help Team' started by GabrielMX, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. GabrielMX

    GabrielMX New Member

    Even since I was a kid, about 15 years ago I had my dream to get into photography, I loved to take photos with everything I had in hand from VGA and old film cameras to point and shoot ones. But I never had a DSLR until last year.

    After I took my first DSLR (D3400) and about 4 kits of lenses, my dedication was above my expectations, my researches helping me a lot more to easily understand and improve my skills, photography becoming a part of my life, even if it's costly.

    I know I started a bit late, and there are out there professionals working about a life time in domain, and I can't compare with, But I will assume my risk and continue.

    I'm planning in the next two months to get the nikon D810, to swap to FX (as I already have a 50mm FX f1.8G nikkor lens)

    But enough with details, I don't want that the readers gonna get bored from minute one.

    I know is a very long way and not easy at all if I want to earn money with photography, but in this moment I am a bit stuck between the paths.

    Microstock photography was in first plan something I was thinking about a while, and got accepted on Dreamstime and Shutterstock (my main places of interests.) But after weeks of researches I found out that microstock photography is slowly dying, the marketplace being too big and the earnings lower and lower to get a living. Ok. I don't plan that for now, and I don't expect at least in the next couple of years, but once I want to take a path, I want to remain on it and invest.

    The second option was to make my own website to promote my portfolio and sell the licenses of my best photos, having to choose between photoshelter, photodeck and zenfolio. The price plans are not a problem, I would invest on them, if I know that it will have any results in the future. I feel that on my own website, my work would me much more appreciated than on stock photography.

    Final questions:

    Which path should I take? microstock photography, or personal website? Are both of them suitable for a long-term workflow in photography? As a stock photography, which agency would you think it would be the best on this time (2017)? Exclusive contributor or not? Would the website be still "professional" If i would include not only photography for sale, but articles, stories and other content related? Which of those three would you think is the best one to choose (main focus being SEO)?

    Any other professional advises?

    I would say THANK YOU for every person who try to help me close my dilemma and providing useful information!

    Have a very good evening.
  2. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    You have to find a commercial niche and become world class if you want to make a living from people buying your photographs. Most people making a living from photography have to have several sources of income. You could look to the Bureau of Freelance Photographers for some guidance but stock photography and own websites aren't very likely to earn much.

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