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A Past Event - Chamberlin, Powell & Bon ...

Discussion in 'Forthcoming Events' started by 0lybacker, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. 0lybacker

    0lybacker In the Stop Bath

    ... that is still available!

    In the Barbican Arts Centre, London, EC2 on the Waterside level, just inside on the right hand side a small exhibition about the architectural partnership that designed the Golden Lane estate and the Arts Centre.

    I think it should have closed a month ago, so you'll have to get there fast just in case it gets taken away.

    In the current debate about being 'a proper photographer' while not attending exhibitions, this little gem of an exhibit sheds some interesting light on what a creative exhibit can do. Two of the three founding partners were enthusiastic photographers and Powell & his wife were also keen watercolourists. Their architectural interests were supported by photography but it was more than that as they enjoyed travel and used photography as many of us do to record their travels. Centrepiece of the show is a case of 18 monochrome Christmas cards, all square, created from the images made by the partners. Another fascinating insight is the case of technical & drawing instruments used by Powell. For those who have sat behind a drawing board, as well as those who have only known computers & CAD, there was a little bit of wonder. Visiting exhibitions - whether purely photographic or not - can be informative, mind-expanding, nostalgic, charming, revealing and even more besides ..... ;)
  2. 0lybacker

    0lybacker In the Stop Bath

    Except that it's not.

    I did not realise at the time of my first post about this, that it was intended to go on and on but also through some changes.

    I learned on Tuesday evening that there will be four parts to this exhibition. Part (b) or Part 2 is now on show. It deals more directly with the CPB design of the Arts Centre itself. There is a different cabinet of drawing office tools. Oly has spent a fair amount of time in front of (behind?) a drawing board and that sort of thing always pleases his eye.

    There's also an intriguing hanging display of text and images on a clothes rail device that proceed, I think, from commissioning, through conception to approval, on to site and building and then ending with the formal opening. People were viewing this and I did not have time to wait to look and thus cannot add further information.

    As in the Part 1 exhibit, there is evidence of the photography by the partners in CPB but this time it is colour enprints logging progress of construction. This part, like the earlier exhibit, is recommended for photography, Barbican and architecture enthusiasts alike.

    Whilst writing, I would add a plug for Alan Ainsworth's book, 'The Barbican - Architecture and Light'. If you like graphic monochrome images or if you want to 'learn the power of square' (an old Hasselblad saying and intentional pun) or if you are interested in this famous central London area, then I highly recommend it.

    If you are new to photography, then you may find it a helpful book to have & read and refer to regularly as you develop your seeing eye.

    It was reviewed recently in AP, if I recall correctly, and should be available in the Barbican bookshop, price £15. Alan is known to me but beyond that the usual disclaimers apply! Am nowt but a satisfied customer and although I've only flicked through it so far, I suspect in the forthcoming winter nights it will be alongside a comfy armchair and turned to regularly when I need to be reminded of sunlight!


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