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7d or 5dii

Discussion in 'General Equipment Chat & Advice' started by pixelpuffin, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. pixelpuffin

    pixelpuffin Well-Known Member

    I started a thread sometime ago about downsizing gear....

    The vast bulk of my stuff was all sold during the past 12mths. A 20+ year of photography accumulation resulted in netting me almost £15K My leica m6 plus 2 lenses, my huge OM system, tons of old canon gear plus a box full of used but superb binoculars, telescopes, spotting scopes etc etc.... the money has been used to pay everything off (now 100% debt free...at last)

    However, with money in my paypal came the temptation to buy ;) hence the arrival of a 2nd 7d body, which I sold last week and bought a used but mint and boxed 5Dii with just 5.4k clicks.

    I've now got my original 7d that I use for my sons football and this new-to-me 5dii.
    I'm trying to fight the urge to keep both. I never use continuous shooting, One Shot only. Nor do I wander from the centre AF point. Plus I still shoot only jpeg
    So, I'm now trying to figure out if I should sell one or the other...part of my minimalist phase.
    The dslr has only been used for my sons football with the amazing 70-300L that I utterly adore.
    I've been very very tempted to buy a used 24-105L and get rid of the excellent 18-135mm that I sometimes but very very rarely use on my 7d. Maybe I would carry the 5dii plus a 24-105L on family days out. The 7d is gripped and permanently attached to the 70-300L. rather than strip down to basic body I just grab my lumix TZ70. But I'm getting more and more frustrated with the results and often when checking photos later at home realise the photo oportunities I've lost because of my insistence to taking just a travel zoom. The dslr never ever lets me down, but is big and cumbersome to lug constantly all day.

    It's making me miserable and I'm on the verge of just telling myself to stop. Accept my life and just make do with a iPhone as so many others do these days.

    Any advice
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  2. Snorri

    Snorri Well-Known Member

    I went for the EF-S15-85 for a APS-C body... Not that It helps your dilemma.
  3. Bazarchie

    Bazarchie Well-Known Member

    I'm confused. I thought from your previous post about software for determining shutter count, you wanted two 7Ds to cover the football matches, one with the zoom lens and the other with shorter lens.
  4. pixelpuffin

    pixelpuffin Well-Known Member

    That was the idea...however putting into practice was much harder work than I thought. I usually place myself at the corner, from there I can sweep the entire pitch without getting parents included. I'm usually glued to the viewfinder the entire duration of the game. With the 70-300L mounted on a 7d, the wide end is nearer 100mm angle of view, hence why I decided to get a 2nd 7d fitted with a wider lens - in this case I used a 24mm STM. BUT, tracking the action as it gets closer then swapping for another body with the 24mm was a real time waster I missed more than usual. Also having 2 identical bodies seemed a little pointless....so I sold the 2nd 7d and bought the 5dii, now my lenses all act totally different depending which body is used. I love the shallow depth of field FF offers, but also appreciate the extra reach when using crop. Both 7d and 5dii share the same battery and are pretty much the same layout.
    However I was asking if in my shoes would you keep one or both, if just one, which and why?
    And the 24-105L any good?
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  5. Bazarchie

    Bazarchie Well-Known Member

    I would use the 7D for football and any other action photography or anything requiring the extra reach. The 5Dii for family days, landscapes etc. I have the 24-105 L mark 1, I like it, probably my most used lens.

    If size and weight are issues, try a CSC for your family days.
  6. pixelpuffin

    pixelpuffin Well-Known Member

    Thanks for replying

    I did the CSC phase last year and although initially I was impressed I soon realised you still had to carry stuff which was a little pointless as I considered CSC a real compromise to DSLRs

    Back to topic...
    I'm fortunate now in that I can afford to keep both 7d and 5dii
    What's bugging me is having to justify them.....I'm really focused these days on not getting sucked into the hoarding mindset

    I already have the EF-S 18-135 STM which equates to 28-200 on FF the AF is lightening quick, IS is amazing, close focus superb. Will I honestly see a real difference if I used this on my 7d minus its Grip. Both the 5d and 7d are pretty much identical size and weight wise.
    Today I have a £1 max per listing on eBay - either body will sell, as I say I honestly don't need the cash but that doesn't justify keeping both just because I can.
    Will the 5dii plus 24-105 blow the 7d plus 18-135 out of the water as a day to day family camera

    I'm even tempted to sell both and get the 70d or 80d due to the fold out screen and superior video option

    Video is what I find I use more when out with the little tz70 compact, I find stills are ok but the video really works best when using the long end of the zoom.

    My current lenses are
    100mm macro usm (sold the L)

    Thanks again
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2018
  7. Bazarchie

    Bazarchie Well-Known Member

    I very much doubt it, not sure any camera and lens will.

    It sounds like you have already decided to keep with one camera. Don't let the eBay offer into making a decision you may regret.

    All the cameras you mention are very capable
  8. pixelpuffin

    pixelpuffin Well-Known Member

    I haven't made a decision yet. The 5dii only arrived last wed! Boxed, One owner from new all accessories were still sealed the camera was only used as a back up then retired away shutter count is 5406 I paid £485!! So even if I kept it for 6mths I should get most of my outlay back.
    I'll go with a 24-105 and see for myself, if I don't see a remarkable difference I'll relist.
    Just to add...out of the list of lenses I own I now only have 1 L lens. When I tried the EF fitting ones on the 5dii the 70-300L actually took my breath away!! It really did, I couldn't believe the IQ. If the 24-105L is anything like as good then I'll be over the moon.
  9. pixelpuffin

    pixelpuffin Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Aug 12, 2018
  10. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    When the 5Dii came out it gave improved ISO performance over the 5D and added video (I think). It retained the 9 point AF system from the 5D which is fine for stationary subjects but not the best for action. The 5Dii and 24-105 are a good pairing. I'd expect lower noise on the 5Dii than the 7D but I have used neither. I went from 5D to 5Ds having got fed up waiting for the 5Div to arrive and fearing (justified) a price hike.
  11. pixelpuffin

    pixelpuffin Well-Known Member

    Isn't the 5Ds 50mp??
    Holy S#%t
    I bet that thing finds all the imperfections in your optics....if they have any. :)

    The 24-105 is really worrying me, the more I read about it the more negative I feel. It seems prone to ribbon failure and aperture diaphragm failure. I read it's soft at 24 and quite heavily vignettes unless a lens profile is selected. Which I doubt the 5dii covers.
    Some swear by it others got rid ASAP
    The repair bill for those 2 issues above is almost what a used one can be purchased for.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2018
  12. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    It's nearly the same pixel density as a 7Dii - the micro 4/3 cameras have the equivalent of 80 MP full frame. I've notbhad issues with optics. The only change I have made is swap a 17-40 L for a 16-35 F4 L which is recognised as better.

    Nothing wrong with a 24-105. Mine is still the most used and best choice of walkabout. I do like 24 mm as a focal length.

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