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7 Day Shop USB Stick Help

Discussion in 'Computer Related Help & Discussion' started by Slartibartfast, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Slartibartfast

    Slartibartfast Well-Known Member

    Just looking at the latest email from 7day, and there's a 1gig USB stick for less than £7 - but looking at the web page , I'm a bit confused - it just keeps talking about Xbox 360, and stuff.

    Anybody know if it can be used as a standard USB data stick??

  2. rags4983

    rags4983 Well-Known Member

    Looks like it is in a game data only format.
  3. Mr_Geoff

    Mr_Geoff Well-Known Member

    If it's a USB memory stick it'll work with any PC. You're not restricted to using it with gaming consoles. I think they're just using that as an example.
    You could always email them...
  4. Slartibartfast

    Slartibartfast Well-Known Member

    It's always the simple ideas that I miss :eek:

    Done that now......
  5. huwevans

    huwevans Not Really Here

    They have cheaper 1GB USB drives than that, so you could circumvent the problem by looking at the others. I find 7DS often do this - they e-mail you a link to the one they're trying to shift, I suppose, but if you navigate to what you're looking for through the usual means you find they have better deals available.
  6. Slartibartfast

    Slartibartfast Well-Known Member

    I've seen that a couple of time too Huw - but the one on the email did look small (I know looks shouldn't matter, but.....)

    Well it's not a 7daywait if you email them - got at response at 09:02 this morning:

    Ordered one - 'cos it looks nice :D
  7. huwevans

    huwevans Not Really Here

    Yes, because that's so important in a USB stick, isn't it? ;-)

    [Joking apart, I have a couple of USB sticks, one of which I like much more than the other purely because it has a nicer finish and smoother fitting cap. :) ]

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