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£25 of jessops vouchers...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Linux_Lady, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. geepee

    geepee Well-Known Member

    I've got one of those. ;) :D
  2. davidh

    davidh Well-Known Member

    I've found 'The Pod' to be nice and handy (or supportive). And you can throw it at people too. :D
  3. BigWill

    BigWill Gorgeous oversensitive Nikon-loving cream puff


    Do Jessops sell beer?.........................they don't :eek:....................well no wonder the sodding company's going down the tubes, that's where they've been going wrong all this time! Anyway, that's my idea for spending holly's £25 down the swannie.............................can you get beer shaped cameras? (The more astute observers amongst you may have noted a certain recurring theme in BigWill's thoughts!) :eek:

  4. davidh

    davidh Well-Known Member

    Re: Beer!

    Beer no. Optics, maybe. :) The downside being you'll get value vodka (or meths!) for the price of Smirnoff.
  5. Dave_Cox

    Dave_Cox Well-Known Member

    Wot? a magazine? :D
  6. Dorset_Mike

    Dorset_Mike Grumpy Old Fart

    Re: Beer!

    There is the Minolta Beercan, (a well respected lens 70-210 f4)
  7. Flyer5

    Flyer5 Well-Known Member

    I just bought a 40d from Jessops. The best price I could get online was £849.00 plus £7.95 delivery - jessops charged me £859.00, i got to check the camera was mint, and then they gave me a free skylight filter - theres £30 saved.
    It sometimes pays to support the locals.

  8. AJUK

    AJUK Well-Known Member

    Film /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif
  9. beejaybee

    beejaybee Marvin

    Re: Beer!

    You can get a beer shaped telescope!

    Just the job for star parties - turn up waving one of these & put on a newt imitation.... :rolleyes:
  10. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    Re: Beer!

    Doesn't it suffer from barrel distortion? ;)
  11. Monobod

    Monobod Phantom of the forum

    What is that for heavens sake?? :D :D

    Buy a new memory card, always useful. :cool:
  12. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    What, at Jessops? For £25? Ha! :D
  13. john_g

    john_g Well-Known Member

    Yep... Jessops... memory card... twenty five quid... might be able to stretch to a 256 Kb card.
  14. Monobod

    Monobod Phantom of the forum

    :( :( :( :D Forgot it was Jessies.
  15. AJUK

    AJUK Well-Known Member

    Good point, but the Ilford film price is at least reasonable.

    I actually need a new digi cam right now, I think I would put it towards that if I had £25 Jessops voucher.
  16. T_Sargeant

    T_Sargeant Well-Known Member

    Oy, I'll have less of the sarcastic snorting! ;)

    But seriously, when you are in Reading pop in on a weekend and I'll help out.
  17. Bokkie

    Bokkie Well-Known Member

    £25 voucher for Jessops? That should get you a 32MB SD card.
  18. Linux_Lady

    Linux_Lady Well-Known Member

    Crikey.. come back from a night out of food stuffing into gob and see the thread has gone off tangent and is all about alcohol... :mad: Woohoo!

    I had SUCH a minging hangover at the weekend.. if anyone recalls... I said I was going to Feltham to see some mates - I drunk SO much vodka, God knows how I got back on the train.. it's a bit of a blur.. managed to mutter my address to a taxi driver, get home and then collapse in bed...

    I was still over the limit the next morning so had to phone the salon and say I would be late as had to take a bus... :( and literally felt rough all of Saturday and Sunday morning at the farmers market....

    Vodka is now on the 'can't drink' list along with Southern Comfort....

    I'll be in town on Sunday Tommy... as am getting my nails done and meeting a friend - if you work there on a Sunday you'll know it's me instantly as my mouth will be going 19 to the dozen ;)
  19. Fen

    Fen Well-Known Member

    Tommy - Don't forget to call her George and wink when you say "Hello George" ;)
  20. AJUK

    AJUK Well-Known Member

    Wow not only a Linux lady but one who works in a salon, that don't add up!

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