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Thread: The Long Exposures of Michael Wesely

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    Lightbulb The Long Exposures of Michael Wesely

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    Re: The Long Exposures of Michael Wesely

    Whole new meaning to long exposure!.

    I wonder if you would get similar effect by layering multiple exposures? I have read star shooters do this.

    Surely these cannot be digital?

    Reading this:

    I suspect not because he started some in 1997. He mentions 40 year exposures! WTF.

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    Re: The Long Exposures of Michael Wesely

    Just seen these. I am puzzled how you can leave a shutter open for weeks/months/years and still get a correct exposure? Or does he mean he takes snapshots over a period of time and then layer them?
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    Re: The Long Exposures of Michael Wesely

    Well that's confused me! Difficulties aren't just in the photographic medium and it's sensitivity - what about the fact that you don't where your subject and its position in the frame will be in 3 years time!
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