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Thread: Lens Comparison

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    Lens Comparison

    Hello everyone.
    I am afraid it is yet another dopey question from a new member.
    I hope that you don't mind.

    I am trying to find a website that shows details of lenses.

    I have a bit more time to play these days and so treated myself to a
    Pentax K100D.

    In the cupboard I still have my old Pentax MEF and some old lenses.
    Now I want to play and am looking at old lenses.
    The other day I found a very nice website or two that had most of the details
    of many many lenses.

    BUT, can I find one again? I must be typing the wrong things in.

    Can anyone help me please? When someone puts a cheap lens on ebay with a short description, I am hoping to find all the specs of it.

    Thanks in advance and I look forward to reading up many tips on here.

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    Re: Lens Comparison

    Hi C_A,

    Regarding the (Pentax?) lens, I don't know if this (the following link)
    is the site you were at .... but it's goody:

    Bojidar Dimitrov's Pentax K-Mount Page

    As for any of the lenses, one (1) kinda important thing to know is
    that you have to multiply by 1.5 to get the equivalent focal length
    of the lens on your K100D. For example, a 50mm lens (on a film camera)
    becomes a 75mm lens (on your K100D) and a 28mm lens (on a film camera)
    becomes a 42mm lens (on your K100D).

    Hope this helps a wee bit (but I know Bojidar's site will be much more helpful)


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    Re: Lens Comparison

    Marvellous, thank you very much.
    That is exactly the site I was on.
    You can imagine how disappointed I was not to be able to find it again.
    Didnt think to search for 'Bojidar'.
    I appreciate the advice on the lenses, it is quite a difference isn't it?
    I have a lot to learn.
    I will be on here a lot doing a lot of reading I suspect.

    Right, the sun is up, time to get clicking.
    Thanks again.

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    Re: Lens Comparison

    You know that you can Bookmark websites?

    ... and that your recently visited websites should appear under your "History" tab?

    That is, unless you're using a terminal in an IT Cafe or similar.
    Malcolm Stewart

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    Re: Lens Comparison

    yes I do know about bookmarking.
    I just didn't.
    Believe me, I have made sure that I have bookmarked it this time.
    I did a clean up as well so I had deleted my history.
    Basically, I tried about as hard as I could to not remember where that website was didn't I?
    Appreciate the comment though.


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