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    Rip 400d?

    On switching on my 3 year old Canon 400D this morning, I received a most helpful, (not!), error message on the screen: "There is a problem with the CF card. Replace the card." Nothing more helpful than that! Anyway, I swopped the card but received the same message. With the use of a torch and a magnifying glass I was able to see that the fault could be due to a couple of broken connecting pins in the CF card slot. Calls to local camera shops indicated that the cost of repairs would be in the region of £180! Apparently the connectors are just part of the main board which has to be replaced in situ.

    The thought of having to replace the camera after only 3 years does not exactly appeal to me, as apart from the extra-ordinary cost of the repair, it has given great service and Iím more than happy with its performance, features etc.. Has anyone else had this problem? Anybody got any ideas how the problem might be resolved?............cheaply! Or is it RIP 400D?

    As an aside, could this be described as a design fault? Itís a bit demoralising to think that 2 tiny bits of connector could result in a repair cost of £180+, or a replacement camera. If the latter, should I look for a camera utilising a SD card rather than a CF card as I understand that SD cards do not have the same problems?
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