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Thread: Bargain Hunt

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    Bargain Hunt

    This forum seems a bit dormant at the moment, so here's something trivial.

    Anyone else here watch Bargain Hunt today? I was waiting in for a delivery, and was only half-watching the TV, but I did notice somebody walk behind Tim Wonnacott when he was interviewing one of the teams, and start taking a photograph of the great man. The chap was using a Leica M - couldn't make out if it was film or digital. Maybe a got it cheap in Portobello Road where the program was made!

    Any other sightings of Leica "out there"?

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    Re: Bargain Hunt

    I saw one on country file. the presenter was out with a sketching group and one of the group was using an M. couldn't identify what it was though.

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    Re: Bargain Hunt

    Last week we were in Cardiff and went into Jacobs Digital to get a battery for my beloved's Olympus Miu. Imagine my heart rate when I saw a whole display counter absolutely crammed with old Leicas! Mainly IIIf/g, M2/3 and the odd 'flex etc. Not for sale! But maybe arms could be twisted.
    I just got back the first film taken in my IIIc, bought at a local auction. Super results, all speeds work fine.

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