I am looking to do photography as a hobby and I have a question about my camera. I bought the Canon XS(1000D) because I was told this was a decent entry level camera. I got the camera second hand from a camera shop. Shooting in full auto mode works just the way I expect with a half hold (sorry if the terminology is incorrect) to focus and the pushing the button all the way to take the shot. I am now experimenting with the P (program mode I believe) and Manual modes, but the shutter button doesn't work the same. In those modes I have to push the shutter button two or three times. In manual mode I need to push once and it seems like the shutter closes (I can no longer see anything through the viewfinder) then again and it'll take the picture. Sometimes I'll need to push it a third time before the picture will take. Is there a way to have the shutter in M and P mode work the same way it does in full auto mode?