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Amateur Photographer

Mushroom - 43pts, Third place

Savo Ilic, London Canon EOS 450D, 60mm, 1/2sec at f/25 Savo took this close-up of a mushroom in North London’s Trent Park. ‘I go there often,’ he says, ‘and several weeks ago I noticed fungi on a dead tree and took a few shots. After a while I realised the best view is from down low because they are translucent – especially on a sunny day lit with soft contra-light from the sky.’ Savo used a mini table tripod to frame his subject in such a tiny space, and used the 60 mm macro lens he won in our Looking Closer round. Judges say 'Savo has consistently shown a keen eye for making unique compositions, and this is further proof. Stunning.'

Mushroom - 43pts, Third place
Amateur Photographer, May 17, 2011