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Double Sunset - 1st Mark Cornick, Shepperton 50pts

1st Mark Cornick, Surrey 50pts Canon EOS 6D, 24-70mm, 1/50sec at f/4, ISO 320 For this round we wanted you to show us some of your most beautiful and unique experiments with shallow depth of field. This is perhaps our strongest round so far, which made it a little difficult to select just one winner. However, needs must, and here we have our first-prize image by Mark Cornick. It’s a beautiful interpretation of the brief, and, in Mark’s own words, is his attempt to bring a new lease of life to the classic sunset image. This saw Mark experimenting with a variety of techniques before striking gold with this one.

Double Sunset - 1st Mark Cornick, Shepperton 50pts
Chrissie_Lay, Jul 16, 2015