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Adrian Dornford-Smith

Battle Line

Canon EOS 1300D, 18-55mm, 1/60 sec at f/5, ISO 1600

Battle Line
    • Adrian Dornford-Smith

      “Battle Line”

      By mistake I arrived early for a chess tournament. It gave me some time to take a few photos and contemplate the worlds. It occurred to me chess is a medium for minds to influence each other via a vivid, virtual world, limited by rules. This is exactly what photography isn’t. It’s a medium for minds to influence each other using selected aspects of the real world, unlimited by imagination. On a superficial level, one is just pushing wood, the other just pushing pixels, but in my opinion both are far more profound than that. It's not good when I have time on my hands.

      Canon EOS 1300D, 18-55mm, 1/60 sec at f/5, ISO 1600
    • Chester AP
      Next time a beginner asks a question on the AP Forum about depth of field or 'acceptable focus', post this image on the thread because it's a perfect example of both.

      I like the title too.
    • Adrian Dornford-Smith
      Thanks Chester, yes I had enough time to consider the focus point carefully. As the lens was wide open I didn't need a depth of field preview (which is only available by programming the O.K. button on my lowly EOS 1300D).
    • Chester AP
      Nothing 'lowly' about a nice 18 megapixel APS-C DSLR. Just because AP is full of 40+ megapixel cameras at very high prices doesn't mean we all have to get bank loans and buy one.

      My humble 16 megapixel Pentax APS-C DSLR provides image files capable of producing decent prints at 40 x 60 cm, and to 50 x 75 cm if viewed from a slightly father away. This resolution is also more than adequate to show the difference between my best and 'less than best' lenses: large prints reveal all...

      I note the focal length was 34 mm and the 'wide open' aperture was F 5 - were you using the 18-55 lit lens? If so, consider looking for a secondhand Sigma 17-70 (with the useful 'macro' setting at 70 mm): I found one of these for £100 (secondhand of course) and have been very impressed. The maximum apertures are better than an 18-55 kit lens, so there is more scope for shallow depth of field experimentation. Or, if you really want to experiment with very shallow depth of field, and funds allow, look for a secondhand Sigma 30 mm F 1.4 lens. I also found one of these secondhand, and even then it cost £200. But is is also the sharpest lens I own, although accurate focusing when using it 'wide open' can be difficult.
    • Adrian Dornford-Smith
      @Chester AP Thanks for the advice, yes I did use the 18-55 kit lens. I only have that and a kit 75 - 300 telephoto. Totally agree about the APS-C DSLR. When I compare it to my old film SLRs (I am a bit of a BAP, Born Again Photographer) It is superb. For a start it's like lugging around 10 bodies all loaded with different film! The main thing I think I miss is a good wide angle lens as obviously with APS-C you need a really short focal length, So what I really want is an 8 - 75 f1.4! Failing the existence issues with that, the Sigma 17-70 looks like a good idea.
    • Chester AP
      The first secondhand lens I purchased (in 2008) for my APS-C DSLR was an old-model Sigma 10-20, which I still have and use regularly. I use it with a circular ND graduated filter that is used for all my outdoor shots (you can get a lot of bright sky in the shot). For landscape work you'll probably be using F 8 anyway, so a large maximum aperture isn't vital. I've seen these on sale secondhand recently in Canon mounts for £170 - £180, which is good value if you'll keep it for a long time. Mine cost me £270, which was £100 less than a new one at the time, and I've not regretted the investment.
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    Mar 29, 2019
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    Canon EOS 1300D
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