Looking to buy a new camera this year? If you’ve got your eye on a Sony - here are some of the best deals currently available.

Sony makes some of the best cameras currently available on the market. It has made a name for itself in recent years as being an innovative company, bringing new technologies to the market that once we might have only dreamed of. It was the first to introduce a full-frame mirrorless camera, and now has four different models of its kind in its line-up.

At the moment, you can pick up some of Sony’s best cameras with significant discounts – here’s a look at some of the offers currently available.

Best Sony camera deals – Sony A9

Best Sony camera deals - Sony Alpha 9

Sony’s latest full-frame mirrorless camera has a range of fantastic specifications. One of the most interesting features is its ability to shoot at 20fps completely silently, and without blackout. That makes it a fantastic option for sports and wildlife photographers. There’s also an increasing amount of lenses available for the full-frame E-mount. At the moment, if you buy the A9  from Park Cameras, you can get hold of a free Sigma MC-11 adaptor (RRP £199)for converting your existing lenses to the E-mount – particularly useful if you have built up a collection over the past few years.

Alternatively, WEX is offering the Sigma converter for £99.50 when you purchase the A9, while there are a range of discounts available on related other accessories when you buy the camera, including memory cards, lenses and bags.

Buy the Sony A9 from Park Cameras for £4,499 (includes free two-year warranty).

Buy the Sony A9 from WEX Photographic for £4,499 (includes free extended warranty).

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Best Sony camera deals – Sony A7S II

Best Sony camera deals

Sony has three different A7 cameras in its line-up. The standard A7 Mark II is an all-rounder, while the A7R II is noted for its resolution, and the A7S II is famous for its high-sensitivity capability.

Having a 12.2-megapixel full-frame sensor, the A7S II is primed for those who like to shoot in low-light, and has even been used on international space missions.

At the moment, you can pick one up with a £250 trade-in bonus if you buy it from Park Cameras. That means, if you have a camera you want to exchange, you can get an extra £250 on top of whatever Park is willing to offer you for it. 

Similarly, Jessops is also offering a £250 trade-in bonus if you buy a Sony A7S II through it. Jessops also has a range of accessory offers, such as memory cards, lenses, batteries and so on if you buy the camera from them. You also get 500 free prints, plus a 12×16 inch canvas – ideal for showcasing all your brilliant shots.

Buy Sony A7S II from Park Cameras for £2,499 (includes free 2-year warranty).

Buy Sony A7S II from Jessops for £2,499 (includes free 2-year warranty).

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Best Sony camera deals – Sony A7S

Best Sony camera deals - A7s

If you’re happy to go with an older model, you can often find fantastic deals. The original Sony A7S is still a superb camera, but is available for much cheaper than its replacement, the Mark II.

On top of that, Sony is currently offering a £200 cash back deal, saving you even more cash. That means, you can get a Sony A7S for under £1500 – you could put the extra £1000 towards another lens. The offer is available so long as you buy the A7S from a participating retailer.

Buy Sony A7S from WEX Photographic for £1,609 (claim £200 cash back from Sony afterwards).

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Best Sony camera deals – Sony A7R II

Best Sony camera deals - Sony A7R II

The A7R II has reduced in price by about £500 since it was first announced. It features a 42.4 megapixel full-frame sensor, and is ideal for anybody who needs a high-resolution camera (landscapes, macro, advertising). If you buy it from WEX Photographic, you can get hold of the Sigma MC-11 mount converter for half price, at £99.50. There’s also other accessories you can get for a discount when buying the A7R II, including memory cards, bags and lenses. Additionally, receive a £250 trade-in bonus if you’re willing to sell your old gear.

Meanwhile, at Jessops, you can also get an extra £250 trade-in bonus when you exchange your old camera for the A7R II, as well as a free 2-year warranty, a printed canvas and 500 photo prints.

Buy Sony A7R II at Jessops for £2,499.

Buy Sony A7R II at WEX Photographic for £2,499 (also includes free extended warranty).

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Best Sony camera deals – Sony A6500

Best Sony camera deals

From Sony’s APS-C range of mirrorless cameras, the A6500 has many innovative features which appeals to lots of different photographers. It has a 24.2 megapixel sensor, super-fast autofocusing, built-in 5-axis image stabilisation and 4K video. All of that comes in a small and light body, with similarly small and light lenses to accompany it. At the moment, Sony is offering a £150 cash back deal if you buy the A6500 from participating retailers.

Buy Sony A6500 from John Lewis for £1,282 (claim the £150 cash back at a later date from Sony).

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Best Sony camera deals – Sony A5000

Best Sony camera deals

If you’re looking for a small camera to carry around as your back-up camera, but with the option of interchangeable lenses should you need it, the a5000 is available for a bit of a bargain right now.

It’s an older APS-C camera, but it’s still more than capable of taking great shots, with its 20.1 megapixel sensor, 25-point AF system and tilting 3-inch screen. As part of the summer sale at Park Cameras, you can get one with a 16-50mm kit lens for just £329, great if you need a holiday or travel camera to slip into a small bag.

Buy Sony A5000 from Park Cameras for £329.

Also check out Sony’s summer cash-back offers page, where you’ll find a large range of different cameras, including CSCs and compacts, plus lenses, which all have different cash back offers available.