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Nikon D300 front

Is it still worth buying the Nikon D300?

With the Nikon D300 being as close to a classic digital camera as you can get, Richard Sibley looks back at seven years of shooting with it and considers what…

Portable projectors

Buying portable projectors

Want to be able to display your photographs at a moment’s notice? Vincent Oliver offers guidance on what to look for in a portable projector

Bargain bodies opener

Buying a second-hand DSLR

Your ideal camera may be a lot cheaper than you think. Richard Sibley explains how, with a little research and some patience, you can save yourself hundreds of pounds by…

iPhone in hand

Vintage cameras or smartphone apps?

Some smartphone apps use a number of filters to make images look 'retro' by mimicking the quirks and flaws of vintage film cameras. Ian Farrell finds out whether they succeed


Extra Camera Lenses

You may find yourself reaching the limitations of your kit lens and want to upgrade or add to it. Here’s what to consider when buying extra camera lenses… The kit…

Ducati Sogno 35mm miniature rangefinder

Buying and trading second hand cameras

Robert Smith runs an online business selling vintage cameras, lenses and accessories. He offers an insight into the intriguing world of camera trading.

Lilliput 5D-II/0/P Field Monitor

Lilliput 5D-ii/0/P Field Monitor

If you feel that sometimes your camera's rear screen just isn't sufficient for framing and viewing your pictures, maybe you need something bigger. Damien Demolder tests the Lilliput 5D ii…