Amateur Photographer


With their striking dark heads and orange-red breasts, stonechats are beautiful subjects to capture and are easily accessible over the winter, says Oscar Dewhurst


Fancy showing off your photography general knowledge to your friends? Well look no further than our fact or fiction quiz. As usual we’ll test your knowledge about your favourite brands…

On1 Photo Raw

After announcing the development of the latest version of On1 Photo Raw in October, the software is now officially available to download. Pitched as an alternative to Adobe’s Lightroom, a…

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Looking for a new lens for your DSLR but not sure what to get? Our round-up for Canon users reveals the best buys

lens tips

Your lenses are a vital part of your photographic kit but are you getting the best from them? Angela Nicholson has a few suggestions that will help you get to…

photograph stars

It’s an exciting challenge to take on a dark, star-filled night as a photographer. Grab your last chance to shoot the Milky Way in landscapes