Amateur Photographer


The appearance of snowdrops is a sign that spring is on its way, but photographing them has unique challenges, as Robert Canis explains

action shot of football

Philip Andrews reveals his top sports photography techniques for capturing great sporting moments, regardless of whether it's a climactic rugby moment or an egg and spoon race at a school…

Develop Main

The Develop module is where raw images are transformed into finished masterpieces. We look at the key features and offer essential tips


With the potential to have tens of thousands of pictures in your Catalog, the Library module is key to keeping your images in order


This is where you begin to build your Lightroom Catalog. On the surface it’s fairly straightforward, but dig deeper and there are lots of features that can save you time…

With such a huge array of screens and tools, Adobe Lightroom can, at first glance, seem pretty daunting. However, initial impressions can be deceptive, because with a basic understanding of…

Lightroom mobile sync

1. Export To… The first decision to make is where you’re going to save your exported image. Images can be exported to a specific folder, to the same folder as…

Lightroom print module

Once you’ve edited your photos, you can do much more than simply export them as image files by using the print module. We offer advice on the key ways to…

Swallowtail butterfly macro image

Close-up macro photography is great for really bringing out the detail of your subject. Colin Varndell offers 12 creative macro photography tips


In this Wildlife Watch, Andrew Mason writes why photographing capercaillie, a famously shy bird with only a small population in Scotland, is well worth the effort.