Amateur Photographer

Mark Buckley with camera

Photography is an expensive pastime, but it’s not all about spending thousands on the latest DSLR. Four top pros and eight readers reveal some clever ways of keeping costs down…

Autumn waders black-tailed godwit

In autumn many species of waders head south and settle around the UK coastline. Oscar Dewhurst explains how best to capture them

Rescue tips

Knowing what to do when the unthinkable happens can save your sanity as well as your images and kit. Angela Nicholson has tips to guide you back from the brink…

The Lake District

Sadly the summer is almost on its way out, but that doesn’t mean we have to pack our cameras away. The Autumn may not have the heat, but it certainly…

Loch Harport

A boat graveyard on the Isle of Skye offers plenty of scope for shots of peeling paint and old ropes, says Jeremy Walker

Lightroom get set up for printing

Don’t let your beautifully edited images languish on hard drives. James Paterson has a host of output tips for displaying them

Peter Capaldi with eyes shut

When I’m commissioned, to shoot a portrait, I’m usually given a free hand to photograph the subject in the way I choose. Editors know the kind of images I’m going…