Amateur Photographer

Outdoor light Salisbury Cathedral

Light is a photographer’s raw material, the building block that makes or breaks our images. Pro shooter David Noton explains the skill in learning how to see, feel and understand…

The Vest pocket kodak and the first world war

In his new book, author and military historian Jon Cooksey looks back at the one camera that was able to democratise photography for the troops of the First World War…

Perfect camera set-up

Taking some time to set up your camera from the outset will help you get the right settings for the right moment. Angela Nicholson guides you through the process

Lens flare

It gets a bad rap, but flare can be used to tell a story or enhance the summery mood of landscapes and portraits. Jeremy Walker and Tom Calton show how

Remembering Rhinos

Photography has an increasingly important role to play in conservation, but it’s hard to translate a desire for change into reality. Tracy Calder talks to Keith Wilson, the editor of…