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michael kenna minimalism

Moody atmospheric landscapes often involving long exposures, are widely copied but difficult to do well. Geoff Harris gets some essential advice from minimalist expert Michael Kenna

gavin mills street technique

Street photography has never been more popular than it is today. Three leading exponents share their tips for achieving great candid shots and street portraits

Here are some super-quick steps for shooting lettering and typography while you're out and about

mike topham silhouettes

Silhouettes add drama, mystery and impact to your photographs, says Tracy Calder, so don't be afraid of the dark - take your camera in hand and step into the shadows

Inspiring quotes from the world of photography.

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Join us as Andreas Georghiades of Fujifilm UK takes us through the new XF lenses they've announced at Photokina, designed specifically for the X-Pro range

Sun breaking through rain clouds iStock

Regardless of the season, rain is a fact of life in the UK. So don’t put your camera away at the first sign of rain. Check out our quick tips…