Amateur Photographer

Amateur Photographer
Portrait tips

Entice yourself to shoot portraits by experimenting with different materials, sculpting your portraits, adding flare and more, using our experts’ top tips

Lion, Maasai Mara, Kenya

Pushing his equipment to the limit, Ian Plant has mastered the art of low-light wildlife imagery. He reveals the stories behind some of his most successful shots

street photography

For successful street shots give zone focusing a go, think about your angle of view and lens choice, and keep an eye out for interesting reflections

Travel photography

Some important aspects of travel photography include working with the right light, heading out at optimum shooting times and ensuring accurate focusing. Check out the expert tips for this genre

landscape photography

Our experts highlight the importance of working with available weather and light conditions, planning ahead, shooting with JPEGs and getting the maximum depth of field

It’s not all that often a new camera appears on the market that does something we haven’t seen before. But by squeezing an APS-C sensor into a fixed-zoom compact camera,…

stereo camera

They may date back to the earliest days of photography, but you can still create images with stereo cameras today, as John Wade explains

photography quiz

Now that the festive season has well and truly begun, put your feet up and take our latest photography quiz. How well do you know your photography brand history? Are…