Amateur Photographer

Amateur Photographer
Red squirrel in snow

This time of year is perfect for photographing seasonal wildlife such as hares, waders and squirrels. Top nature photographers John and Tracy Langley share their best tips

Photographing funny moments can be a challenge, not least because they're so often fleeting. Let's have a look at some quick tips for making the moment count

Paul Hackett Kingfisher

If you're a birder hoping to record a rare species, or a photographer looking to broaden your creativity, a spotting scope could be handy, says Paul Hackett

Lead-in lines

In today's quick tips, we look at a classical compositional element - lead-in lines

Indoor light trails

In today's quick tips, we're looking at creative uses for light trails from the comfort of your own home

Oscar Dewhurst Foxes

Foxes always make great subjects but in winter you have the chance to capture them in frost and snow, as Oscar Dewhurst reveals

Quick sand

Persuading her model to lie in a chilly wading pool was one of the challenges facing Jane Long as she set out to create this striking composite

Amy Drucker Family Portraits

It's always a good time for candid images of young family members that you will treasure all year round. Amy Drucker shares her insights and tips on shooting family portraits

Pete Reed Sunset from the Rialto Venice

In between being a three-times Olympic gold-medal winner and Royal Navy officer, Pete Reed is a keen photographer. Geoff Harris catches up with him for a chat